About Free House Studios


Writer, producer, director: Michael Thorp


2020: BOOK: IELTS Speaking, The Most Comprehensive Guide (Kite Boy series) 

2014: SCREENPLAY: Ben Brown’s Flying Machine (and proof of concept script)
2013: MUSIC VIDEO: ATL.PMP: Supernova (budget: US$300)
2013: MUSIC VIDEO: ATL.PMP: UCE Love (budget: US$800)
2013: MUSIC VIDEO: Fuser: Inside You (budget: US$300)

2013: SCREENPLAY: The Little Violin Girl (a romantic, coming of age drama - awaiting funding)
2012: TV SHOW: Pilot comedy news satire pilot: TWITS (40 min., budget US$5,000)

2010: NOVEL: Ben Brown’s Flying Machine
2008: SCREENPLAY: The Gene Maker (a mystery/thriller -  awaiting funding)
2006: FEATURE FILM: Eight Broken Fingers (budget: NZ$10,000)
- Winner: Best Intl. Narrative Feature, Brilliant Light Intl. Film Festival of Los Angeles, 2007
- Winner: Best Foreign Film Award, L.A. FAIF Intl. Film Festival, 2006
- In Competition: Tokatsu Film Festival, Tokyo, 2006

1999: FEATURE FILM: The Lunatics' Ball (budget US$25,000 + NZFC post-production funding)
- Winner: Special Jury Prize, Shanghai Intl. Film Festival, 1999
- Official Selection: Cannes Intl. Film Festival, 2000
- Winner: Drama Finalist Award, 33rd Worldfest-Houston Intl. Film Festival, 2000
- In Competition: Country Wine Film Festival, 2000
- In Competition Selection: Pyongyang International Film Festival, 2000
- In Competition: Oporto International Film Festival, 2000
- Gala Screening: Palm Springs International Film Festival, 2000
- Official Selection: Film Laden, Vienna, 2000
- Official Selection: Raindance Film Festival, London, 2000