IELTS Speaking, The Most Comprehensive Guide


No markings - Final Paperback - All in O

The most complete IELTS speaking test study guide on the market (417 pages)


The All in One guide includes:

  • 72 different topics and key vocabulary

  • 1600+ vocabulary exercises

  • 700+ practice questions, with model answers and suggested structures

  • 14 different types of questions, and 40 different ways of answering them.

As an IELTS examiner and teacher for over 20 years, I feel that most of the IELTS speaking test study materials are woefully inadequate. They don’t prepare students with enough useful vocabulary, vocabulary exercises, speaking practice, and detailed practice structures and examples that can best enable them to attain a band score 6 or 7 or higher. This book aims to rectify all that by providing the most comprehensive guide to the IELTS speaking test.



Three Feature Films in Development 

1. Ben Brown’s Flying Machine

     (script completed, seeking funding)


Log line: A destiny with time.



When the first manned mission to Mars disappears and its crew explorer vehicle crashes onto the Brown's wheat farm, what Ben discovers leads him to build a flying machine that will change his final high school year and the world forever. It leads him on voyage to a world beyond our universe, where he is forced to confront the tyranny of their rulers and to make a stand to free its enslaved people and eventually our own planet.


Genre: Science fiction, fantasy adventure.



2. The Gene Maker (script completed, seeking funding)


Log line: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.



When the son of the world’s top genetic scientist wakes up in hospital with no memory of his father’s death and of his own disappearance, disturbing fragments of his memory return to haunt him and trigger his escape to establish the truth about his father’s death.  A psychiatrist from the hospital and a reporter who is already on the case, come to his aid and quickly discover that anyone willing to corroborate their theories is being killed. Thwarted at every turn and running out of time, they’re drawn together as they push past their fears and the forces that will stop at nothing to prevent the shocking truths from being exposed. 


Genre: A myster /thriller that will keep audiences guessing right up to the very end.



3. The Little Violin Girl (script completed, seeking funding)


Log line: Some dreams are worth fighting for.



A young caberet dancer struggling to follow her dream of being an actress, finds her world imploding around her and courage from an unlikely source.


The story is inspired by the true story of a girl who became a successful world class violinist against a traumatic backdrop of controlling parents and their dysfunctional marriage, which constantly threatened to derail her dreams. But her courage and determination to follow her them and rise above her parent’s destabilizing influence, made her ultimately a stronger and better person and artist.


Genre: A romantic, coming of age drama - Flashdance meets Little Voice meets Billy Elliot